Terms and Conditions

MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN CAMPAIGN LIMITED, trading as "MADE IN BRITAIN", is a not-for-profit organisation registered in England & Wales (company no. 08566119 and registered VAT number 194 3625 86) representing manufacturers based in Great Britain & Northern Ireland ("we", "us", "our", "MiB").

Our objective is to unite, support and promote all manufacturers who produce products in the geographical Territory of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to help them leverage proximity, transparency, responsibility and high quality in the marketing of such British and Northern Irish products as a business advantage. We also aim to raise awareness of all British and Northern Irish manufacturing sectors and communicate this strategically in a positive way to businesses and consumers in the UK and overseas.

Made in Britain & Made in Britain Northern Ireland are Collective Marks, registered with the Intellectual Property Office. The rules for collective marks are contained in Section 49 of the Trade Marks Act 1994. To comply with the collective mark rules, members that manufacture in Northern Ireland must use the Collective Mark Made in Britain Northern Ireland to identify their products. Members that manufacture in Great Britain must use the Collective Mark Made in Britain to identify their products.

MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMME: We have developed a membership programme to support Manufacturers who produce Products (defined within our terms) and to give them access to certain support, information and Membership Benefits in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Terms. Our Terms set out the basis on which Manufacturers who produce Products in the Territory can apply for and become a member of the MiB Membership Programme and the terms of Your Membership (defined within our terms).

Read our Terms & Conditions in full.

Contact us: If you have any queries regarding the MiB Membership Programme, the Website and/or the MiB Directory or any issue relating to these Terms, you can contact us directly at: info@madeinbritain.org or telephone: 0300 302 3380

PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY before submitting an application for the  MiB Membership Programme and before accessing any Membership Benefits.