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B & M Longworth

Welcome to Longworth – a global leader in the latest cleaning technology solutions.

We offer professional, reliable and flexible component cleaning solutions to a diverse range of sectors that see our service as a perfect alternative to in-house or sub-standard cleaning.

Our extensive range of cleaning processes and our expertise and knowledge allow us to confidently remove most contaminants from a wide range of components, safely and efficiently.

Our customers benefit from our flexible approach by either shipping their contaminated (often perceived as end-of-life) parts and components to our facility in Lancashire for a fast and efficient service, or by commissioning one of our systems to be bespoke-built on their own premises - either way results in extended productivity of the part and reduced production downtime.

Better for the environment.

Often our cleaning processes offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional procedures, reducing harmful waste and minimising the use of harsh cleaning solvents which can be expensive and difficult to dispose of safely.

Industries already benefiting from our products and services include;



Food and drinks manufacturers

Polymer & plastics

Pharmaceutical & medical

LCD screen producers

Solar panel manufacturers

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