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FuturEnergy Ltd

1kW Wind Turbine System - AirForce1 

With more than 6,000 AirForce1 wind turbines now in service world-wide, the highly robust and dependable FuturEnergy turbine demonstrates enviable capability in energy generation in an extensive range of applications, such as:

• Battery charging
• Water and air heating and cooling
• Grid-tied/off-grid mains installations

• Island networks and smart grids
• Wind & solar hybrid solutions
• Telecoms ‘hop’ stations

• Remote sensor array power
• Power for traffic and event signage

All turbines are designed & manufactured in the United Kingdom within a continuous product improvement policy. The AirForce1 wind turbine is supplied in kit form and tower-top ready for simple installation on a standard 48.5mm scaffolding tube pole.

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