Marling Leek Ltd

Marling Leek Ltd

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Marling Leek Ltd

Founded in 1963, Marling Leek is the UK's foremost manufacturuer of webbing used in both the commerical and automotive markets. 

Based in the traditional textile town of Leek in Staffordshire, it was Marling Leek that developed and manufactured the first automotive seatbelt, and continued this innovative drive to pioneer the one-piece woven airbag. 



We take pride in manufacturing all of our products to the highest possible standard to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and success within our industry. We offer consistent and reliable products to worldwide destinations. 


We are very responsive to our customers' requirements, we offer relaible service with the aim to build strong relationships with every business we work with. 


Being the first to manufacture the automotive seatbelt and woven airbag, we are now the UK's leading webbing manufacturuer, producing the most comprehensive range of high quality webbing on the market. We are adaptable to new industry concepts and we are continuously enhancing our technical ability and development expertise.   


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