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Ritherdon and Co Limited

At Ritherdon we manufacture, from sheet metalwork, mainly electrical enclosures, used to house external power supplies (e.g for buildings, car charging, street lighting etc), monitoring and control equipment (such as traffic counting, weather monitoring, security equipment, CCTV).  We also have a range of other products, predominantly manufactured from sheet metal, in our factory in Darwen, Lancashire in the north west of England.

In recent years we have invested in our ability to solve problems with our customers through designing and making what we call Clever Metalwork.  We now have in-house capabilities to take product development through design, testing, prototyping and through to production.  This has sometimes involved working with other orgsanisations such as the University of Manchester school of engineering, with whom we have a close relationship and have developed products like the Passively Safe Cabinet (a crash friendly roadside enclosure) and fire barrier products.

With very strong in-house technical abilities, 125 years of manufacturing experience and access to world class academic support, it's probably fair to say that there aren't many problems we can't solve, working with our customers.

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