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At Stitchedboxes we manufacture all types of traditional wire-stitched boxes, carefully designing each box to meet your specific requirements. Stitchedboxes come in a range of solid board materials and can be used in a variety of ways; from packaging steel blades or bow ties, to acid free museum archival boxes. We are proud to use sustainable, recyclable materials sourced from UK suppliers.

Stitchedboxes continues a hand-made box making tradition that originated in Sheffield in the late 1800’s at Joseph Pickering Ltd. Our story starts with a romance between Joseph Pickering and Harriet Needham, the son of a silversmith and the niece of a polishing paste producer, who married in 1847. The legacy of their union is upheld in Stitchedboxes, where we cultivate a traditional craft that has existed in Sheffield for over a hundred years.

The wire stitched box production capability is now located within a first class manufacturing facility in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Our clients can be assured of receiving a cost effective, high quality product that is fully supported by a prompt and reliable delivery service. The fact that our boxes are hand-made from locally sourced materials allows us to offer bespoke, flexible, short run deliveries with a quick turnaround. Contact us with your requirements and we will work with you to create a product that fits effortlessly with your brand.

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