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Superglass Insulation Ltd

Superglass Insulation are a leading manufacturer of glass mineral wool insulation and have a heritage in Scotland of over 35 years.

Today, we are no longer just an insulation manufacturer; we are focused on using glass science in the development of our products and we are an industry leader in sustainable construction solutions.

Superglass Insulation is made from glass mineral wool, which not only offers excellent thermal and acoustic performance, but is also non-combustible and breathable, reducing the risk of condensation. It consistently performs to its stated levels, and as it’s made from up to 84% recycled glass, it has outstanding environmental credentials too.

The Superglass Insulation product range covers most applications around the building envelope. Combined with that, we have earned a reputation for backing our first class product range and cutting edge manufacturing with the highest levels of customer support and service to ensure the most effective solution is specified for any project.


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