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Sutcliffe Play Ltd
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Sutcliffe Play Ltd

Through creativity, innovation, and conviction, Sutcliffe Play produces children's play spaces and equipment that create lifelong memories – because no one ever forgets their favourite playground. 

We are an innovative global business - designing and manufacturing in the UK, and exporting worldwide. But we’re also 100% unique in our sector: as Britain’s first and only employee-owned company, employing over 60 people, we’re proud of the fact that when you pick up the phone to us, you won’t just be speaking to an employee, but an owner. That means we all have a vested interest in delivering total quality – we all benefit from our success, so we all work hard to achieve it. 

Our robust products are all made in Britain, from metal, wood, and other natural, sustainably sourced materials. With our design and manufacturing capabilities, here in our factory in the beating heart of Yorkshire, England, we bring play ideas to life from the simplest sketch. 

We design to encourage creativity, leaving as much as possible to children’s imaginations, and encourage our team to build in an element of risk, always ensuring a stimulating, challenging experience – because child’s play is a serious business. 

We believe passionately in inclusive play, giving ALL children the right to share in the timeless joy of a great play experience, and the many benefits it brings: physical health, heightened learning, social development - and for parents: community cohesion and regeneration. 

With over 60 years’ experience in the play sector, our vast wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience, of play, inclusion, design, materials, and landscapes, sets us apart from competitors - but we also understand that knowledge alone is not enough, without a fundamental understanding of the children who use and love our products. 

That’s why, at Sutcliffe Play, we are guided always by four words which sum up the essence of childhood: play for play’s sake.

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