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9Barista was founded by espresso fanatic and jet engineer William Playford. Combining his
passions for espresso and engineering, William started work on designing the first of
9Barista’s products, the 9Barista espresso machine, back in 2015. The 9Barista has the
unique ability to produce professional, barista-quality espresso on a stove top and is now
being enjoyed by coffee aficionados all around the world.

How does it work? Well, let’s rewind to the jet engineer bit. To produce genuine, delicious
espresso you need three things; high pressures, perfectly controlled temperatures and
precise engineering to bring it all together. The same three things that a jet engine requires.
So, William used all his jet engineering expertise to develop a completely new and unique
solution for creating high pressures and controlled temperatures in a deceptively simple
home espresso machine. The result? Consistently delicious espresso from a machine with
exceptional reliability and durability.

9Barista produces professional quality espresso by using a new, patented technology that
sets it apart from all other espresso machines.
At its heart is a unique twin-boiler system. One boiler sets the brewing pressure, while the
second regulates the brewing temperature.
The high-pressure boiler is heated on a stove top until it reaches 179C, increasing the
pressure inside to 9 bar precisely.

At 9 bar pressure the spring-loaded valve opens, allowing water to flow from the high-
pressure boiler into the coil heat exchanger.

As the high-pressure water from the first boiler passes through the coil, it is cooled from
179C to 100C, while remaining at 9 bar pressure. The water then passes through the fin
heat exchanger where it is cooled further to 93C.
Now the water is at precisely the right pressure and temperature to pass through the
ground coffee, producing a perfect crema-cloaked espresso in the cup at the top.

Simple, but at the same time, deliciously clever.

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