Conservation Chemicals Consultants Ltd

Conservation Chemicals Consultants Ltd

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Conservation Chemicals Consultants Ltd

At Conservation Chemicals Consultants (CCC) we take inspiration from our British architectural structures and designs, because stone and timber are naturally environmentally friendly, stable and extremely durable we want you to enjoy their timeless beauty every day. TIMBERTECT, FLOORTECT and STONETECT are revolutionary treatments. They provide a beautifully natural appearance, with little surface coating, are extremely hardwearing, waterproof, stain and chemical resistant, easy to apply and easy to live with.

Through are on-going R&D program we aim to deliver an ever-improving range of products and services with ever decreasing levels of environmental impact. We like our wood and stone to feel like wood and stone, but be able to shrug off a spilled glass of red wine or resist a lifetime of sink splashes. We want a finish that lasts, with minimal maintenance and fuss.

The products that we have developed will help you prepare, protect and look after your wood and stone. They have been used all over the world for many years in places like the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, Wagamama restaurants, The Tate Gallery in London, and many more.

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