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Energist Ltd - NeoGen Plasma

Established in 1999, Energist has over 20 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative energy devices for the global medical aesthetic marketplace.
Energist is the founding and leading global provider of nitrogen plasma technology for the medical aesthetic marketplace, NeoGen Plasma.

NeoGen Plasma is fully manufactured in the UK, patented in key global markets, FDA cleared (K132754) for 7 indications since 2013, clinically proven by +30 IRB clinical studies. Across the globe, hundreds of medical aesthetic practitioners have performed 100,000’s of effective treatments without any reported adverse incidents to date.

Energist’s vision is to enable and support global medical and aesthetic practitioners to provide a broad range of NeoGen Plasma services to 10 million patients of all ages and skin types by the year 2030.

Energist’s mission is to rapidly accelerate its global market share by partnering with passionate individuals and companies to continually improve the value of NeoGen Plasma to practitioners and patients through world-class clinical education, training and application.

NeoGen Plasma is distributed globally through our network of established distribution companies whilst the home market being a direct supply to practitioners. Energist partners with distributors who share the following values; high-integrity, customer-focused and real-partnerships.

Energist team prides itself on providing distributors and practitioners with effective clinical, marketing and technical support.

​​Energist designs and manufactures energy-based devices which meet the highest quality and regulatory requirements, demonstrated through gaining ISO 13485:2016, MDD, FDA, KFDA, TFDA, Russia MOH, TGA, as well as many other certificates from Asian and Middle East approval bodies.

Energist continues to supply consumables and parts for legacy systems including Ultra, Ultra, I-pulse and E-Pulse.

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