NeoGen Plasma Technology - NeoGenPSR

Manufactured by Energist Ltd - NeoGen Plasma

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Additional Sales Information: Advanced pulse functionality Ideal for treating more severe skin conditions Transformative treatment solutions An effective complement, or alternative, to surgical procedures Comparable results to a CO₂ fully ablative treatment with less downtime

Product Description

Device Classification:
Class IIb
Energy Range:
0.5 J – 4.0 J
Pulse Rate:
Double pulse
Repetition Rate:
100-120/230Vrms – 50/60Hz – 650Va
470 x 430 x 1060mm
Gas Requirement:
Medical Grade Nitrogen

System Weight:

Trolley Weight:
25kg/55lb (excludes gas tank)

Ambient Environment:
0 to 40 Celsius

Relative Humidity:
30 to 75%

Atmospheric Pressure:
70.0 to 106.0kpa

C E NeoGen NeoGenPSR These 7 FDA cleared indications are applicable when using the 5mm nozzle ref 510(k) K072394. The 25mm nozzle is cleared for general dermatological procedures that involve the coagulation of tissue ref 510(k) K221783.

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Energist Ltd - NeoGen Plasma

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