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We make miniature polycarbonate greenhouses with a difference! Our greenhouses save you time, and look after your plants. The solar and 4-season models feature an automatic opening lid as standard, which prevents your plants from getting too hot in the summer. The solar and 4-season ranges include built-in automatic irrigation, which means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your plants are being watered.

The sustainability of our food supply matters to all of us. How we choose to feed ourselves now has significant implications for future generations and the planet.  At Harvst, the sustainability of our products and creating an environmentally conscious ‘grow your own’ community is at the heart of our values. As a business, we consider the social and environmental impact of every single element of our products and processes, from design and performance to materials and packaging. You can read more about why sustainability lies at the heart of the Harvst way of life here https://bit.ly/3HuiCBI 

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