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IG Doors Ltd

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IG Doors
Lon Gelli Deg Oakdale Business Park
NP12 4AE
United Kingdom

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IG Doors Ltd

IG Doors is a state-of-the-art door manufacturing business, boasting the latest sustainable manufacturing techniques. With R&D testing, manufacture, and support all under one very large roof, IG Doors has the most advanced door manufacturing facility in the UK. Our new factory creates door sets from slab to finished product, with all stages of production contained on a 1km production line. This is overseen by a dedicated production team with over 300 years of experience between them. 

As a supplier to the New Build and Social Housing Refurbishment sectors for over 40 years, IG Doors has the resources, flexibility, and organizational structure to cope with the requirements of major National House Builders and Developers, Local Authorities and Social Housing Landlords. This ensures our door range is not only manufactured to the highest levels of quality but also delivered on time to your project. 

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