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Leigh Cables

About Leigh Cables

Leigh Cables manufacture industrial grade cables for distributors and consumers around the world. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce cables ranging from basic common designs to more complex multi core cables with special performance characteristics.

What do we do?

We manufacture cables in accordance with regional and industry standards including EN, BS, PAS, IEC, ENATS or IEE to name a few. Our cables can be found around the globe empowering the most demanding industries in challenging environments. We are renowned for our understanding of standards and the polymer sciences which enable our cables to resist fire, water, temperature, oils, chemicals, radiation or mechanical attack whilst maintaining performance, safety and compliance.

Product Examples

  • Power Cables
  • Control & Instrumentation Cables
  • Data & BUS Cables
  • Thermocouple cables
  • Enhanced Category Networking Cables
  • Defence Standard Cables
  • Cathodic Protection Cables
  • Coaxial Cables
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Super Flexible Cables
  • Radiation Tolerant Cables
  • Fire Resistant Cables
  • Marine Cables
  • Composite Cables
  • Cables for Hostile Environments


  • Armour Protected Cables
  • Composite Cable Designs
  • Custom & Special Purpose Designs

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01942 605 505

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