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Livingreen Design

Livingreen Design is the leading UK fibreglass manufacturer of Professional quality landscape products including planters, furniture and water features.

Supplying the market for over 30 years, we are known for our innovative designs thanks to our inhouse design team which has seen our planters adopted by many of the worlds leading companies and hotels. Exporting worldwide and particularly to the European market, our products grace train stations, airports, shopping malls and even parliament buildings throughout the continent.

We are also highly valued by garden and interior designers, thanks to our ability to undertake bespoke projects of almost any size. From a single uniquely sized planter to a full fitted garden with matching planters, water features, storage, furniture and water butts, no challenge is too great. Commercially we have worked on the HQ’s of a wide variety of public companies providing unique planter and furniture designs for both interior and exterior spaces. We have been involved with many medal winning Cheslea Flower Show gardens and even made the RHS’s present to HM the Queen on her 90th birthday.

Over the years we have developed unique methods of finishing our fibreglass products so that they appear indistinguishable from the materials they mimic. So today you can buy fibreglass planters for example that appear to be made from corten steel, a variety of stone, metals such as brass, bronze and aluminium as well as concrete, earthenware and terracotta to name but a few. Fibreglass has many advantages for landscape use over these actual materials, for the same reason similar composites are used in aircraft, trains, boats, wind turbines etc – namely being ultralightweight but super strong as well as naturally waterproof, extremely resistant to weathering and most importantly, the most sustainable whole of life material. In fact at COP26 Glasgow, our planters were the only ones approved for use at the conference and we were commissioned to build the welcome displays for the delegates.

You wont find our products in Garden Centres but they can be ordered from our website with no minimum order value. We pride ourselves on our customer service so if you have any questions or want to discuss a bespoke project of your own, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or mail to Trade enquiries can be made through the website or call 01314409804 to discuss your requirements. Through our sister business Fibreglass Works, we also undertake a huge variety of commercial fibreglass projects for businesses in all sectors, so if you need a fibreglass part, please do get in touch.

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