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Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert is built on a passionate team of Data Bosses. Pioneers in data, we have dedicated the last decade to creating an all-in-one data solution for businesses of all sizes. 

Who is Red Flag Alert?

Launched in 2004, we originally began as a tool to identify insolvencies within the UK’s leading insolvency practitioner, Begbies Traynor. After five years of building industry-leading technology, we became an independent business, on a mission to disrupt the business data space. 

Where are we now?

Committed to leading the charge, Red Flag Alert has become a staple in everyday business life thanks to our innovative Health Score and Growth Score tools and instant access to reliable information. 

Now, we have laid out a clear five-year path to expansion, focusing on disrupting the world of compliance with our unique fusion of IDV and AML solutions and business data, fuelling our ambitious growth and mission to demystify data and maintain our place at the top.

We aspire to deliver high-quality, easy-to-integrate/use, market-leading solutions that enable an out-of-box automated lead-to-cash process for our target ICPs that helps them identify and mitigate risk and/or identify and exploit opportunities for growth within their own prospect and existing customer base.

With an 80% year-over-year expansion rate and a recent series A funding secured, we're ready to take on the world, will you be there?

The Red Flag Alert Team

We thrive on open-mindedness, embracing change, and constantly optimising our strategies. We're not afraid to challenge the norm and push boundaries. And yes, we do it all with a splash of good humour.

But we're more than just a group of tech-savvy individuals. We're a diverse and inclusive community, driven by high energy and high standards. We recognise the importance of meritocracy and accountability, ensuring that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to shine.

In an industry often dominated by male voices, we're proud to be breaking barriers and opening doors to everyone. We invest in our staff and are proud of our culture of inclusivity and empowerment. After all, diversity isn't just a buzzword for us; it's the key to unlocking our full potential.

Are You Red Flag Alert Material?

Our dynamic Data Boss team is creative, tech-savvy, and passionate about innovation, making Red Flag Alert the place to be to channel your appetite for transformation into tangible change. 

Whether your focus is on smashing sales records, building revolutionary tech, or providing stellar customer service, with our team you will shake things up and make your mark.

As we embark on the next phase of our journey, we invite you to join us. Be a part of something extraordinary. Be a part of Red Flag Alert.

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