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Retractable Awnings

At RA Awnings, we bring two decades of craftsmanship and excellence to your outdoors. Renowned across the UK, we have collaborated with a vast array of high street brands over the years, consistently delivering retractable awnings that meet - and surpass - expectations.


We’ve built our legacy around the satisfaction of our customers, crafting each awning to be not just a quality product, but a bespoke piece that reflects our clients' individual needs and aesthetics. Handmade to order, our awnings are not only a promise of superior quality but a celebration of personalised design and functionality.


Backed by a 5-year guarantee, every RA awning exemplifies our dedication to excellent performance and durability.


We pride ourselves on a process that ensures the fruition of top-tier awnings from concept to creation. Our team is committed to creating awnings that serve as a perfect companion for all weather conditions in the UK, be it rain or sun. 


Our retractable awnings provide a modern solution for flexible outdoor living, shading your garden while enhancing the overall aesthetics of your external spaces. Each awning comes housed in a sleek cassette, affixed on a sturdy bracketed structure and powered by a safe, easy-to-connect system. 


Choose RA Awnings – a timeless solution to elevate your outdoors in style and comfort.

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