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Sentry Doors Limited

The Secure Choice for Fire Safety
We are UK manufacturers of bespoke, fully certified timber fire and security door sets and screens.
At Sentry Doors, we are invested in being the secure choice for fire safety. Our aim is to ensure ease of compliance, in order that you can have the utmost confidence when procuring fire doors. Our commitment to certification is testament to this and we are focused on offering fire safety solutions that meet strict requirements. 
As a UK manufacturer, quality is at the core of our philosophy and our depth of experience, alongside continuous investment, allows us to continue to develop and improve. We understand the increasing demand within the fire door sector for reliability and we work closely with our client base to deliver fully certified BM-Trada Q-Mark bespoke fire doors, pre-assembled and ready to be installed.
“Compliance and certification are the cornerstone of our philosophy, so we test every component of our products as we develop and enhance them. As a bespoke timber fire door-set manufacturer of FD30S and FD60S, we take our business very seriously and are already looking at development testing, which will further enhance the front entrance, communal timber door-sets and screens that we offer local authorities and housing associations.” Ty Aziz, Sentry Doors’ Managing Director



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