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SurfacePrep UK

SurfacePrep UK has consistently been the leader in the manufacture and supply of abrasive blasting equipment and surface treatment equipment.

Our product portfolio ranges from portable abrasive blast cleaning equipment, hand blast cabinets, soda blast equipment, shot blasting equipment, blast rooms, a full range of JBlast and recyclable abrasives, abrasive recovery, and dust extraction & collection. We provide blasting training, equipment servicing, abrasive reprocessing & disposal, and we supply a range of blasting substrate inspection equipment.

We provide high-specification and energy efficient turnkey plant systems for coating steel, alloy and plastics. This includes manual, automatic and robotic paint and powder coating, spray or dip chemical pre-treatment, and all oven types. Together with ancillary equipment such as conveyor systems, controls and automation, wastewater treatment and solvent abatement.




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