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Synergy Grill

The future of commercial gas grills
The award-winning and patented Synergy Grill is a unique revolutionary all British designed and engineered gas grill invention tailored to meet the multi-demands of the hospitality industry. The Company factory based in Cambridgeshire is now benefitting from significant global recognition, with sales to Australia, Dubai, France, Belgium and South Africa. Our diverse customer base covers independent businesses to International chains.
Synergy was designed with the increasing trends for environmentally friendly products very much in mind, as much as its superior food quality, speed and reliability benefits. Companies are under increasing pressure to cut their carbon footprint; the Synergy Grill is an industry-leading example on how companies can do this. The “no fat tray” design and self-cleaning benefit reduce the need for harsh cleaning chemicals that can contaminate our rivers and water supply, and no grease to pour down drains which can cause seriously damaging fatbergs. The fat vaporisation process produces cleaner, smaller particles reduce clogging and cleaning of ventilation systems, this can halve the amount spent on maintenance of ventilation systems.
By incorporating gas and air in addition to using heat capturing ceramic technology Synergy grills use 59% less gas. This results in less CO2 emissions than a convention burner creating an improved working environment for chefs. This patented system also prevents any cross-flavouring of meats or fish through smoke contamination. Synergy’s unique technology routes cool air around the grill to produce safer surfaces and lower strain on air ventilation.
Customers recognise that Synergy will produce a better food product by returning the natural flavours. Allied to this is a continuing product development – to ensure we remain a world leader in grill technology. Along with delivering better food quality, halving energy bills, and ultimately helping cultivate carbon-neutral kitchens, Synergy has the added advantage of replacing thermocouples with new flame sensor safety features that reduce costly maintenance calls.
The Synergy Grill range is designed, sourced and invented in the UK and constructed using parts made and sourced from selected British companies. All the grills are handmade in our factory in Cambridgeshire by our highly-qualified engineering team. We’re proud to manufacture innovative British products for today’s dynamic chefs.
Our website ( features full details of our range of products.

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