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TekPro Limited

TekPro are a well-renowned family-owned UK manufacturing company, with a proud track record of success in many UK and International markets, particularly supporting the security of the food chain with their innovative range of bulk sampling and pellet durability test equipment. They are currently represented in over 110 countries globally, including all key agriculture and food production markets.

They are perhaps best known for the class-leading Samplex CS range of Bulk Samplers. These Grain Samplers offer a unique, patented gravity-fed spear to efficiently and accurately collect more representative samples than other systems can deliver.  The entire range of Samplex Bulk Samplers is manufactured in the UK using durable materials and is completely electro-mechanical.  The adjustable tip aperture allows sample volumes to be easily adjusted to suit sample requirements, reducing time and excess waste.

The Holmen range of Pellet Durability Testers is designed, manufactured, and marketed exclusively by TekPro under license from Borregaard. It remains the industry standard Pellet Durability Tester, giving a minute-by-minute update to help production efficiency. Used correctly, Holmen testers can be integrated into the mill production cycle or QA process, to help maintain optimum pellet durability levels, which in turn can increase productivity and output and minimise waste.

Insect detection is catered for with the unique Insectomat.  This machine is capable of discovering one insect in up to 5kg of grain in around 2 minutes.  We believe there is no quicker or easier way to check 5kg  of Grain for the presence of insects at the moment, and they have been successfully in production since 1992, with many sales worldwide, helping prevent costly infestation of Grain stores.

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