Trojan Services Ltd

Trojan Services Ltd

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Trojan Services Ltd

We are an innovative polymer design and production company specializing in cable troughing for the Rail, Renewable Energy, Power and Military industries. We replace the traditional and labor-intensive concrete systems of yesteryear with cutting edge, recycled polymer products. These are lightweight, sustainable and much faster to install. We have won awards for our innovation in Europe as well as completing some of the largest rail projects in North America. Our products are designed to create a fast-fitting solution to any cable management need. Our product has many major advantages to concrete which inturn create vast savings on large projects. Saving millions. Not only that, but our products can be made out of recycled polymer which can lead to a fully circular economy. Our turn around from design to production is second to none. So if any of our products don't suit, then our product designers can create a bespoke solution that suits your specific need

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