Atlas all-electric Mirage

In a corporate world where being sustainable is no longer just an option, Atlas Leisure Homes is constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and innovating our products to become more eco-friendly.

‘’Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem, and preserves natural resources for future generations.’’ (

The popularity of holidaying in static caravans rose steadily in the late 1950’s, before foreign travel became more affordable and available to the wider public. Then, during the pandemic, the staycation became the popular option again. This has since carried on, ‘’with a staggering 82% of Brits holidaying at home in 2022’’ (Sykes Staycation Index, 2023).

With growing climate concerns, various industries made the move to producing a range of electric products. Toyota and Nissan released the Prius in 1997, and the LEAF all-electric vehicle in 2010, respectively.

The increased cost of living paired with the environmentally conscious modern world, here at Atlas we knew we had to develop our current offering.

Enter the Atlas all-electric Mirage.

Collaborating with ASTECtherm and Sunamp, and their revolutionary heating technology, we have been able to create a product that is one of the first of its kind in the leisure home industry.

Steven McGawn, the MD of Atlas Leisure Homes explains “ASTECtherm’s ground-breaking technology heats the home through ceiling installation. The infrared heating solution achieves optimal energy utilisation and is prepared for renewable energy.” There is also an expressed benefit of not having to design a room around radiators, as the invisible eco heating is concealed in the ceiling of the holiday home. ‘’Infrared heating uses a third of the amount of energy to heat the same area as an electric radiator, so you can really visualise the massive savings in cost and electricity usage.’’

The newly designed all-electric Mirage also incorporates Sunamp’s space saving thermal energy storage solution for water heating. The Thermino heat battery works by inputting electrical energy paired with cold water, and the result is mains pressure hot water at a fraction of the size of a traditional unvented hot water cylinder. The low-carbon efficiency of this solution makes it the perfect space-saving innovation for a holiday home.

We had the honour of showcasing the all-electric Mirage at The Great Holiday Home Show earlier this month and the model was incredibly well received, with the consensus being that this was something the market needed, creating a real buzz in the Atlas village!

Steven continued by saying “The entire Atlas team are so proud of the first all-electric Atlas model, and this is just one of the first steps in our journey to becoming a more sustainable brand and will make staycations a greener experience for our customers!”

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