Australia & New Zealand trade deal begins with Made in Britain member in first consignment

From 31 May 2023, UK businesses can now sell to Australia and New Zealand more easily as the UK’s trade deals with the countries, the first negotiated from scratch since we left the EU, come into force.

Tariffs on all UK goods exports to Australia and New Zealand have been removed.  Tailored to the UK’s strengths, the deals aim to increase bilateral trade up by 53% with Australia and 59% with New Zealand.

The agreements could also mean lowered costs on machinery parts for UK manufacturers.

The announcement comes after the UK, Australia and New Zealand completed their domestic ratification processes, allowing the deals to enter into force.  In the UK this required primary legislation in the form of the Trade (Australia and New Zealand) Bill. 

Made in Britain member King of Shaves featured in the UK’s first ‘official consignment’ organised and promoted by the UK’s Department for Business and Trade.  For reference to King of Shaves and further details on the trade deals, please read more here.

Australia and New Zealand both fall within what the UK government defines as the Asia Pacific region.  While the session was more focused on the UK joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, Natalie Black, joined Made in Britain for a roundtable on 25 May.  For more on that session, please see here.

For more on Made in Britain’s work on international trade and International Trade Programme, please contact George Middleton, Principal Consultant at MAP and Advisor to Made in Britain on government and international trade:

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