Benchmaster Provide New COVID-Safe Workbenches to Teamwork Trust!

The Benchmaster team have been busy completing a big project for Teamwork Trust!

Teamwork Trust are a day service provider for adults with mental health needs, autism, learning and physical disabilities. They have a wide range of education projects, activities and counselling programmes. Here at Benchmaster, we love Teamwork Trust’s vision to help make sure that everyone has access to the same chances, choices and opportunities, this is why we were so excited to work with them and provide our services.

We designed, manufactured and delivered a total of 87 COVID-safe workbenches to three of their centres. These workbenches featured social distancing screens and were designed specifically with autistic adults and learning disabilities in mind. It was our top priority to create workbenches that helped Teamwork Trust members feel happy and safe upon their reopening. 

We’re so happy that their centres can now reopen again with brand new workbenches – they provide amazing services to people who must have missed them dearly during the pandemic. We manufactured all of these workbenches in just two & a half weeks due to our dedicated team. We strive to make sure all of our customer’s requirements are met.

Here's some quotes directly from the members regarding their new workbenches:

“I was really nervous about coming back but seeing the new workbenches made me feel less anxious.”

“I was surprised when I walked in, the place looks amazing.”

“Everyone has worked so hard to make us feel safe. I love having my own personal space.”

Our workbenches are reliable, durable and you can customise them to your liking. If you’re interested, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Find out more about BenchMaster Limited on their member profile page here

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