Benefits of LED lighting in offices and workspaces

Ever since its introduction, LED lighting has revolutionised how designers approach interior lighting. In more recent years as LED has developed into the advantageous component used in contemporary lighting, it has illuminated the way for a new era of human-centric, environmentally concerned and intelligent lighting.

Good office lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in a functional way. In an office or workplace, a good standard of lighting is essential for promoting a healthy and proactive working environment. That’s why it’s important that everyone understand the benefits of choosing the correct lighting for workplace design.

Human beings are driven by their psyche. The psyche, conscious and subconscious, is influenced by all aspects of the world around us. Surroundings and interior design are directly linked to the way that people feel and as people spend so much time in their workspaces, it has a very significant impact.

With people in Britain working, on average, almost 2,000 hours a year, the workspace environment has a big influence on their mental state. During work periods, employees want their workers to be driven and stimulated. In part, this is attributed to the way an office is lit.

Closely linked to stimulating productivity is the importance of using office lighting to reflect the circadian lighting system. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioural changes that follow a daily cycle and a circadian lighting system is the utilisation of workplace lighting to mirror changing light throughout the day. Natural light is the best way to promote positivity and efficiency in an office but constant or suitable levels of natural light are not always attainable.

That’s why artificial light that mirrors the colour and organic change of natural light is such a valuable asset for an office. LED lighting can mirror natural light in lots of ways to keep employees at their peak without disturbing natural body rhythm. Natural light makes people feel alert, reduces stress, and heightens happiness. Not a bad productivity formula if you can recreate it at the flick of a switch.

LEDs provide much brighter, more natural-looking light and smart technology operation give employees the control to adjust lighting intensity throughout the day to reflect the natural change of sunlight.

By including smart LED lighting in an office environment, employees can stay at the peak of their mental capacity and not suffer from ill-lighting effects when they return home. Lighting makes people feel things so why not use LED lighting in a commercial space to make employees feel good?

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut their utility expenses and the running costs of LED lighting are significantly lower than alternative lighting forms.

LED lighting can last up to 20 times longer than standard forms of lighting such as incandescent or halogen lamps. LED efficiency and length of life is better because the lamps waste very little energy on heat, concentrating electricity on the production of light.

As a form of lighting, LED offers the biggest return on investment of any type.

In the modern day and age, environmental responsibility is high on the agenda for most businesses. By choosing LEDs as part of your workspace interior, you will be providing an attractive alternative to other forms of lighting.

LEDs are pollutant-free with no mercury, no lead, no glass and no toxic materials. This makes LEDs 100% more recyclable than other lamps for long-term considerations and eco-friendly peace of mind.

As LEDs consume less power per unit, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and carbon dioxide output is kept low. By using LED lighting in an office, you’re helping business owners cut utility costs and giving something back to the environment.

LED luminaires come in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the innovative technology of the light emitting diode, lighting companies such as Mount Lighting have been able to create luminaires that range from super small to lavishly large. With this diversity of size, with no compromise of output and luminance, you can fill any spaces with light to meet task and general lighting requirements.

From stunning LED linear systems such as the innovative M-Line to bulkhead lighting, LED lighting can be supplied in a way that ensures all aspects of your commercial space are covered with high-quality lighting. From stairwells to canteens to receptions, the versatility of LED lighting has limitless possibilities.

Consider a warehouse where uniform distribution of light is essential for safety. LED office lighting can provide uncompromised visibility to help them get the job done properly.

Consider an office space where every zone and area has a seamless inclusion of functional and aesthetic luminaires that can be controlled by the employees to encourage drive and lift their mood.

The days of stiff, one-for-all lighting are gone. Embrace versatility and let LEDs lead your design, no matter the outcome requirements.

LEDs are made with very sturdy materials and components. As mentioned above, LEDs are versatile and their durability means they can be used throughout various areas of the business to meet the demands of different types of workspace.

A key secret to the durability of the LED lamp is that it contains no filament and without a filament, there’s not one to break. Physical shock in alternative forms of lighting such as incandescent lamps can lead to shattered glass and interrupted lighting. LEDs can withstand much more shock during operation and won’t suffer from adverse effects.

Flickering lamps can have serious effects on the health of employees. For those that suffer from migraines and headaches, flickering lighting can be agonising but it can also induce adverse effects too. This can lead to strain in the eyes and other forms of degeneration. Quality LEDs do not flicker and can actually help reduce headaches due to their lighting output similarity to natural light.

Headaches triggered by work environments can lead to downtime and a lack of productivity. If an employee can’t even focus their eyes on a screen because it triggers pain then there’s a serious problem.

As mentioned above, LED office lighting is a key source for improving productivity. Employees that can experience reduced stress levels, suffer less and focus more in their workplace will perform better. LED lighting is a great way to care for a workforce and ensure that they are able to work to the best of their ability and feel good in their environment.

Architectural linear lighting shouldn’t just work well, it should look exceptional. Businesses rely on impressions and attractive LED lighting is a great way to present a workplace to clients, visitors and potential employees.

Aesthetic luminaires can be the centrepiece of a large office or carefully interwoven throughout a workspace to create consistent, beautiful layers of light. With the products available from Mount Lighting’s exceptional range, you can unlock the potential of any space to make sure it stands out.

Don’t compromise when it comes to achieving the perfect ambience and working environment, let the unrivalled aesthetics and light output of LED luminaires define your design.

The Mount Lighting team are a diverse group of creative designers and technical engineers that work closely side-by-side. Our common desire to provide you with impeccable service from concept through to delivery drives our productivity and our fantastic lighting range unlocks a whole world of limitless possibilities.

With LED luminaires, any workspace can benefit from the elevated design, improved health and higher levels of productivity.

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