Biogen Service Goes Electric

Biogen Launches Syngas Generation Product (3)

Biogen have recently exported their first  Biogas Booster unit for our sister company Entrenco GmbH . The Containerised unit generates 250 KW of chemical energy as Syn Gas which is blended with Biogas as a top up fuel to balance biogas variability and feeds a CHP System in Southern Germany.

The Vauxhall Astra with a 50 KW battery now supports sites within a 150 mile range of our Chester base. We estimate it will reduce our Carbon footprint by 8 tonnes per annum and generate a saving of £4,000 to our operational costs. It is charged using Grid purchased renewable energy and at site by electricity generated from our biomass CHP’s Systems. This investment forms part of Biogen's  First Year Plan to achieve our Climate Change Commitment and will be followed by a switch from a gas fuelled Fork Lift truck to one powered by electricity.

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