Biophilic design and why we should incorporate it.

With the start of Mental Health Awareness week, we felt it was important to note how workplace planting can be of benefit.  Biophilia is not a new phenomenon, the concept has been around for some time, but it is perhaps, only since the pandemic that business owners and office designers have come to understand the physical and mental health benefits of having small slices of nature in their workspace.  These can include; 

  • Mood improvement both by plant proximity and plant maintenance
  • Increase productivity in some instances
  • Provision of cleaner air by absorbing carbon dioxide

These are just a few of the health benefits that can be found in office biophilia.  In addition, it has also been noted that indoor planting aided in quicker patient recovery times, green walls can reduce building temperatures (and aid in reducing carbon footprints) and finally that biophilic design in the workplace was important to 33% of a Human Spaces survey when looking to change jobs.

For inspiration we have attached a few of our designs which have been made unique by our end users plant choices.  

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