Dogrobes launches the new Dogrobes MAX

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new product, the Dogrobe MAX. We’ve designed this new dog drying coat, our most advanced one yet, with the comfort of the dogs in mind, all while making drying your dogs as efficient as possible.

Maximum coverage + maximum comfort = maximum tail wags!

This exciting product launch has been years in the making. In fact, the first prototype was stitched as long ago as 2017. We knew it wasn’t quite right, so we took the time to research, test, reiterate and, most importantly, listen to customer feedback to help make the Dogrobe MAX the best it could be.

What’s new with the Dogrobe MAX?

The Dogrobe MAX has kept many of the excellent features for which our customers know, love and trust the Original Dogrobe. It’s still made with the same lightweight, super-absorbent cotton towelling, there’s still no Velcro in sight and, of course, it’s still designed and made in Britain.

But it’s the exciting new features that make this innovative new design special. Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Chest plate – This extra piece of material goes between the front legs to cover more of the chest and underbelly, covering more of the dog’s fur to dry them more efficiently
  • Higher collar – There’s more coverage around the neck too thanks to the higher collar, great for dogs with thick, fluffy fur around the neck
  • Shoulder inserts – Extra material around the shoulders gives the dog more range of motion and freedom of movement, making the Dogrobe more comfortable when they stretch out. And it’s perfect for older dogs who may have mobility issues
  • Hanging loop – A handy loop on the collar lets you easily hang up the Dogrobe MAX when drying or storing it

That’s maximum coverage + maximum comfort to quickly dry, warm and comfort your dog after a walk, a swim, a bath and other activities. The lightweight fabric is easily tolerated by dogs, even those that don’t usually like wearing coats.

Our customers and product testers didn’t think the Original Dogrobe could get any better, that’s until they tried the Dogrobe MAX. Over 90% of testers said the Dogrobe MAX gave their dog more coverage than the Original Dogrobe, and that it was just as easy to fit.

You can visit our Made In Britain profile to find out more about Dogrobes and the Dogrobe MAX, or visit our website to browse the Dogrobe MAX Range and try it for yourself!

Find out more about Dogrobes on their member profile page here

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