Domino Clamps literally flying the flag for British manufacturing

LIKE all Made in Britain members, we are of course passionate about flying the flag for British manufacturing, writes Domino Clamps. So to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day, we decided to do so properly; raising the Union Jack while locked down due to Covid-19, using little more than a Domino clamp on our showroom shipping container, a flag, a tube clamp and a short length of scaffolding tube. 

Using a  48mm palm railing tube clamp which bolts directly onto our Dominos, we then proceeded to find a way to attach the flag to our "flagpole" (a 1m length of scafold tube!).  We could have gone much higher than this; up to 6.1m and for that we could have used a pair of these clamps with one drilled though, which would offer more strength, given that it would be attached to the container at two points instead of just one. 

With a couple of single lugged fittings, we were able to bolt the flag to the tube.

It's is important at this stage to remember that the Union Flag has a right and wrong way up! Didn't know? Well now you do. The white diagonal stripes are different thicknesses. On the flagpole side of the flag, the thicker ones need to be on top of the red diagonal, and the thinner ones undeneath them. 

Now with a Domino Clamp in the top corner casting of our container, and a palm railing fitting bolted straight onto that, all that's to do is plant the flag dramatically into the tube clamp, and tighten up the grub screws. 

There's a video of all this over on our linkedin page... 

And there we have our simple yet effective method of flying a flag from a shipping container. Technically, the Union Flag is only called the Union Jack when it's at sea, so let's just pretend this particular container was on board a vessel headed somewhere overseas, full of high-quality British-made exports! 

Happy Clamping!





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