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Rockpecker Ltd build application specific PDC drill bits, stabilisers, centralisers, hole openers and other drilling accessories. They are a multinational company with facilities in the UK, India and Australia. Ecotile and Rockpecker first worked together on a project to install a new floor at their manufacturing plant in Nottingham, UK. Having experienced the product first hand, Rockpecker immediately saw the potential for Ecotile in some of the other markets where they are successful such as India, the Middle East and South East Asia. The fact that the tiles can be loose laid over damaged and uneven floors and that no specialist skills are required to install them are huge advantages in these territories. Below are some examples of projects Rockpecker have completed in India.
RACL Geartech (Manufacturers of Gears and Automotive components in Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh)

RACL Geartech installed 339m2 of E500/7 in their quality assurance room where finished parts are brought in for inspection to measure for quality control. There is a high level of trolley movement so it was important to be able to demarcate the gangways to help with safety. The quality control room is usually seen by auditors and visitors, so it was important to create an attractive, dust free environment that conveyed the professionalism of the company. The previous flooring had not been able to withstand the frequent trolley movement and was damaged. A low maintenance, durable floor covering that could be installed without disrupting work in the area was required whilst providing an anti-fatigue and smart floor to impress visitors
Morde Foods (India’s largest chocolate manufacturing plant in Pune, Maharashtra)

Morde Foods installed 277m2 of E500/7 in the meeting area, the electrical panel room and the chocolate moulding area, where produced chocolate is moved out of the machines. The chocolate moulding areas needed a flooring that was nontoxic, did not produce fumes and could be installed dust and disruption free. The alternate option for them was PU Flooring which can develop cracks and holes that need to be repaired immediately in order to maintain food grade certifications. The existing floor in the meeting area was checkerplate which would have been disruptive and messy to remove. Morde Foods were able to lay Ecotile straight over the top of the checkerplate saving themselves a lot of hassle as they would have had to screed the surface underneath before being able to lay another floor covering. The wide range of attractive colours in the Ecotile range meant they could visually distinguish the meeting room from other areas. The electrical panel area needed a floor which was insulating and electrically safe for workers to walk on. Ecotile met these requirements quickly and efficiently. Being a food manufacturer they have benefitted from Ecotile fulfilling their health and safety requirements as well as providing a quick disruption free floor which is attractive as well as functional.
MMC Hardmetal India (India’s first Mitsubishi carbide technology centre in Pune, Maharashtra)

392m2 of E500/7 was laid to cover Mitsubishi’s first technology centre in India. The area contains advanced CNC machinery and tools for the manufacturing industry. It will attract visitors from industries around the country, located in Pune and close proximity to Mumbai. Ecotile provided a long lasting alternative to epoxy flooring which would keep the centre clean, attractive and colourful for the visitors. The interlocking tile system means that the workers can easily lift the tiles and access trenches to repair or change pipes and cables. As this is a showroom for machinery and tooling, they have benefitted from a quieter environment as the tiles absorb noise from the machines. 
Jivo Wellness (India’s largest seller of canola oil in Sonipat, Haryana)

Jivo wellness has installed 93m2 of E500/7 in their cooking oil production area where large drums of cooking oil are processed. Ecotile’s chemical resistivity, fire resistance and 10-year floor warranty was exactly what Jivo was looking for and they liked the fact that the floor can be moved and replaced easily. The anti-slip surface of the floor (R10) was extremely important to them as their floor gets wet frequently and can pose a slip hazard for workers.


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