Ending Cable Chaos in the NHS – Crable charging shelves sees growth in healthcare settings

Everyone knows how frustrating and stressful it is to not have easy access to charging facilities for our phones - and healthcare staff, patients and visitors are no exception.  Crable provides the solution for quick and simultaneous charging for a range of devices, ideal for installation in hospitals and other clinical settings.
Becoming a supplier to the NHS is a notoriously difficult thing to do for SMEs. Crable collaborated with the Academic Health Science Network North East & Cumbria who provided invaluable insight into the complicated workings of NHS procurement. 
In 2022 Crable started supplying their charging shelves to the NHS by demonstrating the value of providing free charging services for patients, visitors and staff.
The patented and registered designs of Crable charging shelves provide the NHS with the perfect charging solution for hospitals and other healthcare settings. Each shelf provides wireless chargers, USB ports and plug sockets so that a total of eight appliances can be safely and reliably charging at once.
Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust wanted their logo to feature on their Crables with other Trusts now exploring the use of QR codes as an additional means of branded communication.
Crable have ambitions beyond the UK and have approvals to supply their charging shelves to all countries within Europe, North America, Australasia as well as Argentina, Japan and many more. All manufacturing partners are UK based and wherever possible the supply chain features UK companies too.
Healthcare is just one sector that Crable has a focus on, with Education and Travel & Transport having the perfect buildings, with high volume traffic, in which to locate Crable’s robust charging solutions.  
Find out more about the successful installation of Crable charging shelves within the QE Gateshead hospital here: https://www.qegateshead.nhs.uk/news/crable-charging-shelf/ 

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