Essential Staff Lockers at Alexander Dennis Ltd

Our team at Helmsman manufactured and installed a variety of staff lockers. Helmsman team manufactured 75 full-length metal lockers, 9 garment collectors, 5 of 15-compartment garment dispensers, and a special 15-compartment garment locker, with the top half there are 5 compartment garment dispensers and the bottom 10 compartments manufactured as garment collectors. All the lockers were finished with sloping tops. Sloping tops are a brilliant extra as they prevent the growth of dust and dirt on top of the lockers.

The specification of the metal lockers was 1800mm high, 380mm wide, and 450mm deep. The colours of the lockers were picked from our standard shades, the body of all the lockers was powder-coated in the shade ‘Ice’ whereas the doors were powder-coated in ‘Skye’ which is a great vibrant shade. All the staff lockers were finished with our Camlocks, which is a great secure lock, as it assures the users that their personal belongings are safe and secure whilst at work.

Additionally, for their order, our customers requested 5 bench seats in a wet spec which is suitable for wet environments with specifications 3250mm long, and 350mm deep. Benches are an excellent addition that allows employees to sit down when they need to change their shoes than standing and balancing.

Garment dispensers are fantastic as this approach makes sure that each employee’s clean laundry of workwear is untouched and available to be collected when at work. Whereas the Garment Collectors are used at the end of the day where employees can place used workwear for them to be cleaned and washed for the next day.

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