EU Referendum Result: CEO Statement

The Made in Britain Campaign is not political. It’s a campaign about places, products and the endeavours of the many people who love making them. The repercussions of the referendum result will be felt for months to come, but our members are at work making new products as I write, so we don’t have the luxury of wait-and-see. Now is the time to start making a new relationship with Europe - to create a better future for British manufacturing.
Over the years of selling 1000s of products and ideas, I’ve learned that long-term, positive and friendly relationships with your customers is essential to the well-being of a business. So the urgent task now, as the UK begins to re-set its trading relationship with Europe, is that we reach out to this important sales region, and continue to collaborate with, sell to, and buy from our neighbours on the continent as they will want to do likewise with us. 

Where products are made is of ever-growing importance. There is a lot of evidence supporting the idea that location of manufacture is of growing significance in people’s buying decisions. The more we make and sell, and the more we send products overseas with the Made in Britain marque, the greater the opportunity to let people know about our great manufacturing communities. Inviting people overseas to come and visit the towns and cities where we’re making is a perfect way to prove we’re still a welcoming, friendly country, ready to share the incredible diversity of the British manufacturing sector today.
#WelcomeMakers 2016
As the challenge of creating our new trading relations with Europe unfolds, I would like to see our members taking up the role of champions for British manufacturing, making customers overseas feel welcome by reminding them we’re making many great products, that we’re transparent about how those products are made and we’re keen to meet prospective customers and potential new partners.
The more makers we have using the Made in Britain marque, the stronger that message will be.
John Pearce
CEO of Made in Britain Campaign
Monday, 27th June, 2016

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