Five new members join us at Made in Britain

Over Christmas, we welcomed five new members to Made in Britain in five sectors.
First up this week in the Engineering sector is Prolight Design. The company manufacture bespoke LED Linear Lighting. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark on the website, print media, and product. 
The second members joining Made in Britain is UltroPowder who join us in the Chemicals sector. They formulate and manufacture cleaning powders to complement our range of Ultrasonic cleaning systems. They plan to use the mark on their website and all marketing materials such as emails, social media and packaging. 
Joining us in the Building & Construction sector is DEPLOY. They manufacture small to medium size water storage units by using a Made in Britain material called concrete canvas. They intend to use the mark on their packaging, website, social media and advertisements. 
The Good Level joins us in the Health & Beauty sector. They make cold pressed hemp oils. They plan to use the mark on their websites and products. 
The end this week’s round up, Crown Swords are joining us in the Creative Industries, they grind, polish and engrave artwork into steel, make wooden handles and coat in resin, polish brass hilts and tops then gold, silver and nickel plate before full assembly of the sword. They intend to use the Made in Britain mark primarily on their website. 
From everyone at Made in Britain, we would like to welcome all our new members. We look forward to seeing your Members’ News Stories and your products in the Members’ Product Directory.

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By Made in Britain 4 weeks ago | Made in Britain news

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