Help us to understand how you are preparing for Christmas 2020

MOST manufacturers are expecting Christmas 2020 to be different from Christmasses past. Making goods for the retail sector is likely to be particularly affected but the B2B supply chain, too, could have its special challenges. Consumers' behaviour is likely to be considerably changed and businesses could be responding to those predicted changes.

To help us to understand how your business is preparing for Christmas we have devised a short survey (approximately five minutes long) and we are asking members and non-members to share their thoughts with Made in Britain. If you are making goods in Britain and are taking a different approach to the festive season this year, please click here to fill in our survey. Please also share this link with other manufacturers who might not be members of Made in Britain. Do make sure they are manufacturers, though. We will not be collecting their data either, so they won't be getting any further messages from us.

Copy and paste this link in your email to invite other manufacturers to take part in our survey:

By Made in Britain 9 months ago | Made in Britain news

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