Here’s why the temporary warehouse is where it’s at right now

Say hello to the sensation that’s gripping the nation’s foundations.

Generally speaking, something temporary is known to last for a limited period of time. Yet, when it comes to logistical structures – like a temporary warehouse – permanence needn't apply. Unfortunately, the one and only certainty for most businesses nowadays is their uncertainty about the future. Therefore, a temporary warehouse is an ideal solution to your storage needs. When caught in a bind and pressed for storage, companies often consider leasing off-site space as the first option. Yet, doing so often throws up qualms regarding size, location and cost. Not to mention, all the time and energy that'd be better off being invested back into the business itself . . . so, why not do just that? By utilising the available space you have, you can remove the need to find space off-site – and enhance your on-site capabilities with a temporary warehouse.

We can help you quickly and cost-effectively manage your space needs as and when you need us. 

At Mar-Key, we make and stock a range of temporary structures – here in the UK – suited to literally any application. So, if you need something sooner rather than later, or if you need something that will stand tall for weeks, if not years, then get in touch. Our temporary warehouses can be assembled within days and are available in various sizes. Better still, they cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than their traditional counterparts. Provided your available ground space is firm and reasonably level, it won't cost you the earth either. Whether you are a company owner, a CFO, buyer, procurement or warehouse manager – whatever your title – get in touch.

What is a temporary warehouse?

Spaces suited to your needs.

Warehouses are the foundation of businesses that manufacture, import, export or transport goods. Without this, tracking your inventory and ensuring goods are dispatched on time would be chaotic. However, some businesses may struggle to justify the expenses needed to lay down permanent foundations. ESPECIALLY if their businesses deal with rapidly fluctuating stock levels.

Fortunately, rapid manufacturing has led the way for a new style of warehouse to become the new norm.

A temporary warehouse can be erected and dismantled WITHOUT the need for permanent building works. Depending on the size and materials, a temporary warehouse can provide warehousing for as little as a week – to a couple of years, if required. Unlike conventional warehouses, a temporary warehouse is cost-effective AND adaptable. Better still, these structures can be erected quickly; which is great for those who want to save money AND boost their productivity! Mar-Key is recognised as the South's leading specialist in temporary warehouses and structures.

To help decide whether this swift, low-cost and low-risk alternative to warehousing is for you, answer these questions:

1.            When do you need your warehouse to be ready?

Space is limited. So, instead of leasing a building or hiring a temporary warehouse, you could build a warehouse. Yet, this would take time - time that could be better spent on your customers.

2.            How long do you need a warehouse for?

If your business revolves around seasonal demands, buy or hire a temporary warehouse. These not only prove cost-effective but - in contrast to their namesake - can be far from temporary!

3.            How much will a temporary warehouse cost?

A temporary warehouse will almost always be cheaper than its alternative. It's renowned for being a cost-effective alternative, particularly if you already have the space available.

If these questions have at all piqued your interest, then Mar-Key might well be able to supply the right package for you and your business. Reach out to our team and get in touch to hire or buy your very own temporary warehouse.

What temporary warehouse do you need?

Insulated Panels

A temporary or permanent solution.

Our fully-insulated structures are perfect for temporary warehouses that need to remain for years.

·         Optimal security

·         Prevents heat loss and condensation

·         Meets UK Building and Fire Regulations

Single Skin Steel

More secure for your business.

Our single skin steel option provides a durable solution to protect your goods from the elements.

·         Permanent appearance

·         A long-term, durable product

·         Good level of security

Thermo-Inflated Roof

Fast but robust.

A blow up roof is inflated to provide maximum robustness and maintain a permanent appearance.

·         Compatible with any structure

·         Cost-effective and relocatable

·         Ideal for short-medium term hire

Loading Canopies

We’ve got you covered.

Improve or increase your temporary warehouse loading capacity with minimal disruption.

·         Minimal disruption to your business

·         Available in widths from 5m to 30m

·         Standard leg heights of up 6m

Roller Doors & Access

Safe and easy access.

Fit-out your fully bespoke temporary warehouse to allow maximum access at your premises.

·         Roller Shutter & MOE Doors

·         Single & Double Access Doors

·         Manual/Electric Sliding Doors

Single Skin PVC

Quick storage solution.

In a hurry to expand your temporary warehouse storage space? Then PVC could be the way to go.

·         Ideal as wet-weather cover

·         Easy to install and relocate

·         Available up to 30m wide

Get in touch for all your temporary warehouse needs

Are YOU ready to create a better space? Call 01202 577 111 or visit 

“We’re not just a faceless supplier. We’re an extension of your team. We’re made in Britain with all our products manufactured in-house. We really can react and respond to the client’s needs as they’re presented and often with very short lead times. The world of temporary structures can sometimes seem daunting. Our team can guide you through this process to guide you through planning and UK building regulations and any bespoke requirements you may have.”

-              Ben Scroggie, CEO

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