How Dernier & Hamlyn can save designers time and money

Dernier & Hamlyn has been producing bespoke lighting in the UK since 1888. At their custom-built studio and factory, designers can see traditional methods of design and manufacture alongside the latest techniques.

They welcome designers to visit and discuss their lighting requirements with our team. 

Why should you visit?

Bespoke lighting requires specialist skills and is best achieved when designers work closely with their team so that all the requirements are understood from the beginning which reduces iterations, time and, ultimately cost.

What will you see? 

From hand sketching to CAD and digital renders to 3d printing. From turning, milling, folding, and bending to various types of soldering and welding.

For projects large and small 

Whatever your budget and however outlandish your bespoke lighting designs, D&H's team will invariably be able to come up with a way to achieve what you want. Take a look at some of the projects that include the fantastic bespoke lighting we have created over the years.

 Where are they?

They're in Chessington, five minutes from the M25 or 25 minutes by train from Waterloo making them easily accessible however you prefer to travel and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome from their team of craftsmen. They have been making bespoke lighting for hotels, restaurants and bars for more years than most of them will admit!

For a sneak peek at some of what you’ll see take a look at this short video.

Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Find out more about Dernier & Hamlyn on their member profile page here

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