How to attach Unistrut channel to a shipping container

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Unistrut channel is going to provide a starting point to help you build further structures, or attach accessories including creating a frame to hold an external air conditioning unit on the side of a shipping container, creating a frame for a banner or some cladding, running cable ducting, or attaching tube or pipe.

Our Unistrut starter kit contains everything you need to get started building a Unistrut structure on your shipping container. 

First attach your Domino Clamp to the shipping container, then attach the two M12 cap head screws and washers.

The channel provided in the kit is the Unistrut P1000T, which has long slotted holes on its underside of 14mm diameter. These holes are large enough to allow your M12 bolt to pass through and line up with the Domino Clamp. And because a length of perforated channel only needs two of the four M12 threads on the Domino, you can attach your starting length of channel either vertically or horizontally.

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