Hydrogen Firing

LIMPSFIELD Combustion has been designing and manufacturing commercial and industrial burners in the UK to fire hydrogen for chemical plants all over the world for over two decades.

It is great news that currently, the UK government are looking at firing hydrogen, both mixed in our gas supply at 20 per cent and pure hydrogen to help meet the Net Zero Carbon Emission targets by 2050.  Limpsfield, with its expertise in all aspects of gas and liquid combustion, are in current discussions and working alongside the government's business and energy strategists and the Combustion Engineering Association to provide the way for a “clean and green air” in Britain and to sell this technology and our manufactured products all over the world.  Please click on this link to read more here.

Find out more about Limpsfield Combustion on their member profile page here.

Find out more about Limpsfield Combustion Engineering Co Ltd on their member profile page here

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