Introducing RBC Group’s cutting-edge iGiene Hygiene Station

Inspired to act by the unprecedented and devastating impact Covid-19 has inflicted on livelihoods, communities, and wider society — and in line with public health guidance issued by the World Health Organisation — our team of designers and engineers have worked fastidiously in developing a state-of-the-art product which offers the general public an effective and efficient guard in the uncertain months ahead.

The iGiene is a cutting-edge machine with unrivalled capability designed for the efficient provision of PPE and a range of antimicrobial products, and features a hospital-grade, touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser with exceptional efficiency. With a dynamic 43-inch touchscreen forming an intuitive surface, the iGiene presents an unparalleled product platform with complete customisation and unlimited possibilities.

  • iGiene chassis is constructed from ethically-sourced, powder-coated metal and manufactured in line with Cradle-to-Cradle sustainable design principles. 
  • Capacity for up to 180 products, including nitrile gloves, N95 face masks, antimicrobial hand sanitiser and wipes, and much more.
  • Industry-first dual conveyor and elevator dispense system with weight sensor which can dynamically switch, allowing for a large selection of items and multi-vend dispensing.
  • Vibrant 43-inch LCD touchscreen to enable users to shop, and for the display of detailed product information and a wealth of high-definition photos and videos.
  • Contactless NFC and cashless technology which can accept payments from a variety of sources, including mobile, and our proprietary App to supplant the need for physical interaction.
  • Real-time telemetry provides an unmatched plethora of data: leverage historical and predictive analytics to take the guesswork out of commercial decisions and drive revenue.
  • We can design and bespoke the iGiene machine to customer specifications enabling flexibility

As a result of our significant expertise across a wide range of services, we operate at the vanguard of several industries — we’re uniquely positioned to offer customers an all-in-one and fully-managed proposition: we can manufacture, deliver, install, refill, and service the iGiene.


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