Knauf Joins Planet Mark

Knauf is delighted to announce that it has joined Planet Mark, a widely recognised organisation that offers sustainability certification to businesses via the independent verification of social and carbon data. In doing this, Knauf has also committed to an annual carbon emissions reduction of at least 2.5%. 

Planet Mark is in the process of verifying data submitted by Knauf based on its 2021 operations and Knauf will be publishing a report later this year which will outline the findings.

The outcome of the report will shape Knauf’s sustainability strategy moving forward. Critically, it will help the company set credible targets and demonstrate a route to achieving them. 

Joining Planet Mark is a way for organisations to positively transform society and the environment, a sentiment that closely aligns with Knauf’s own “Build for the world we live in” agenda. 

Knauf’s Sustainability Leader, Lucy Hall has spearheaded the move which represents a significant financial and time commitment for the company. She comments: “Knauf is delighted to have taken the significant step of signing up to an organisation that will verify our data and drive us to improve our processes to minimise our carbon footprint and increase our social value.” 

This move will consolidate the work on sustainability that Knauf has already been doing and looks to set an example for the construction industry to follow.  

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet Mark commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Knauf into the Planet Mark community. Without precise measurements, progress cannot be tracked and Knauf has taken the vital steps necessary to begin taking action on its emissions.  

  “As the built environment contributes to over 40% of carbon emissions in the UK, the company’s commitment to continuous improvement in reducing carbon emissions will make a significant impact.” 

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