Latest Avelair compressor 'plug & play' solution offering oil-free and dry compressed air

AVELAIR is currently supplying the food industry with a number of robust plug and play air compressor packages that offers oil-free and dry compressed air. This revolutionary plug and play system offers many benefits and can be used in medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage as well as many other related applications where high quality compressed air is critical.

The Integra-D compressor range uses the latest rotary screw airend technology to offer high air flow output to energy input.  Built on to the package there is four-stage filtration which is validated to ISO 12500 guaranteeing oil-free air to ISO 8573 class 0 as well as an integrated desiccant dryer which removed moisture down to -40C dewpoint. The system has been designed for up to 50m3/hr of compressed air use and extremely high air quality in a compact plug and play package. Avelair designs and manufactures its full range of compressors in line with its ISO 9001 Quality Management System which is certified by UKAS accredited British Standards Institute and can therefore offer a market-leading eight-year airend and five-year major parts warranty.

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