Made in Britain campaign - an update

Since we launched the new Made in Britain marque nearly 2 months ago, we have been staggered at the positive response to the campaign from both manufacturers and the public. Just this month alone, another 26 manufacturers have signed up to use the marque. If we keep up at this rate, by the end of this year, we'll have signed up nearly 300 more! We're still unsure as to exactly how many UK manufacturers there are around the country - but when we find out, our aim is to have 100% of them using the marque!

We have encountered massive support from twitter and Facebook - so many makers and small/niche manufacturing businesses are embracing the use of the marque. The Made in Britain campaign committee members are mostly all owners of UK manufacturing businesses, so we know how hard it is to market a business. Now that there is so much emphasis in the public domain about people's desire to buy products made here, it's the perfect time for small businesses to capitalise on using the marque. We applaud those makers/manufacturers who have recognised this and are taking action.

We also have lofty plans to target well-known UK manufacturers to get them involved too - we'll let you know about those as they come to fruition!

We're very proud that our Facebook posts designed to raise the public's awareness of the campaign have seen a massive share rate in comparison to the number of likes we have on our page! It's really important the public is made aware that the marque means they can be completely certain a product they want to purchase is made here. So it's great to see them spreading the word on our behalf to their friends. A feature on BBC News last week will also have helped!!

So in case you still haven't seen our new marque, here it is!

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Forthcoming blogs will feature products from our members, as well as some of their entrpreneurial stories. We will also feature blogs with our members' best advice about topics like re-shoring and sourcing UK suppliers. Any other useful information you think you might like to see on our blogs, please email us.

If you want to know more about our campaign, please check out the website. If you'd like to feature on this blog, please email us at Please follow us on twitter and Facebook too - there are some great conversations going on we'd love you to be part of!

The Made in Britain campaign Team

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