Made in Britain Member Becomes First Global, Carbon Neutral Plus Metal Bed Maker.

When world leaders are meeting to discuss what they can do to tackle climate change, Made in Britain member Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company have paved the way for a greener future by becoming the first Carbon Neutral bed maker in the world. 
When Amanda Oldfield established Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company nearly two decades ago, she knew her company's success would come down to sourcing locally and being as green as possible. "When we started the company, sourcing British was essential in ensuring our beds were far above the rest." Amanda says, "But the time-sensitive nature of getting our manufacturing off the ground, sourcing locally was key to our success and still is today." Successfully securing a contract with one of the UK's leading high street retailers, Amanda and her husband (Stephen) were given six months to make their first delivery- even before their workshop was fully operational. "At the time, sourcing locally was commercially and ethically essential- now it's imperative and plays a crucial role in helping us reduce our carbon footprint." 
Awarded the carbon neutral status three years ago, it's a breath of fresh air to see their drive to go above and beyond in ensuring they're doing their part to help make a greener future. And within the last month, this Made in Britain Green Growth Programme member has become the first metal bed maker to be awarded the status of carbon neutral plus in the world. Meaning not only are they reducing their carbon emission by investing in new work practices- but neutralising their carbon impact. 
Hand-crafting their beds from British iron sourced from local Norfolk merchants, 100% of the electricity used within their workshop comes from renewable resources. But to ensure their on track for a greener future, their focus is on more than just greener energy. "There's more to being a carbon-neutral company than providing our electricity is green. We've completely changed how we look at sustainability." Amanda tells us. “Our workshop has changed to a four-day working week, so our powder coating oven requires only four start-ups a week rather than five- cutting our gas consumption by nearly a fifth." "Our new recycle and reuse packaging initiative aims to reduce our demand on the paper mills, and, in turn, help protect forests- even though all our paper and wood comes from FSC responsibly managed resources. It all adds up." 
So, as world leaders meet to discuss the topic of climate change and agree on how they can create a greener future, it's great to see that Made in Britain member- Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company haven't been sleeping on the job. Making sure that we can all sleep soundly, knowing we've done our bit by going green with this family company. 

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