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THE weekly news email from Made in Britain is now available to everybody – even non-members. So, if you are reading this but you’re not a member of Made in Britain, you can still sign up for news from Made in Britain delivered directly to your email inbox every week. The sign-up page is here.

Why, you might ask, would a non-member want to get news updates from Made in Britain? Well, the Made in Britain organisation shares news about its members to help them grow their businesses and there are a lot of potential customers out there. Many are looking to do business with British-based manufacturers and the news from Made in Britain is a great place to find them.

Made in Britain provides manufacturers with support in four key areas of business: sales, marketing, PR and export. This is in addition to licensing the official, protected mark. Information about these activities is included in the weekly news email and could persuade a British manufacturer to join the Made in Britain organisation. Information about how to join is here.

The weekly news email also includes information about government initiatives, consultations and support for industry. Access to this information is just as valuable to non-members as to members.

And finally, it’s like little drops of positive news sprinkling into your inbox every week. Feel-good stories about great British manufacturers that will simply make you smile.

Click here to see a page with a selection of recent news emails from Made in Britain.

If you know somebody who would like to receive the Made in Britain news email every week, get them to visit this page on the website and type in their email address:

They will have to respond to a confirmation email and their weekly fix of Made in Britain news will start in September. Tell all your friends! 

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