Made in Britain talks to the UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development about manufacturing a just and green future

THE UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Global Compact, UK Network, last month jointly co-ordinated a letter urging Boris Johnson to adopt the established UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of the UK’s COVID-19 recovery plans. The letter was signed by leaders of more than 100 renowned companies, charities, universities and trade associations, including Made in Britain.

According to the UKSSD and the United Nations Global Compact, UK Network, "the SDGs provide us with a blueprint to end poverty and inequality, and put health, wellbeing and job creation at the heart of COVID-19 recovery plans in the UK.”

To help raise the profile of the Goals and encourage government and others to use them to create a socially just and green recovery, UKSSD hosted a series of podcasts with leading figures from local government, civil society and businesses to explore aspects of the pandemic and the opportunities people have seen to do things differently or ‘build a better future’ in the UK.

As leading voices for the UK's manufacturing industry, Made in Britain's CEO, John Pearce and chairman, Chris Harrop OBE (right), were invited onto the UKSSD podcast to discuss how the SDGs (with a particular focus on SDG 12: 'responsible consumption and production') can help navigate the tension that exists between a recovery that guarantees growth and employment versus the need to create a green future for the health of our planet. 

The discussion also examines the role UK manufacturing will play in Covid-19 recovery, the SDGs as a framework for manufacturing businesses of all sizes, and the call to action and recommendations for government.

Listen to the podcast here:


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