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UNIQUE RETAIL CONCEPT Things British offer 25% discount to Made in Britain members.  Things British provide a unique shelf-rental platform for selling hundreds of thousands of products in a walk-in retail environment. And they want to offer more Made in Britain members the opportunity of a new and exciting retail opportunity with much less risk and far more responsive sales data and feedback. 

Things British have two London retail shops, one at Royal Greenwich, the other at St Pancras International Station. The shop locations are ideal for a great mix of local and international visitors who want to buy British-made. The Things British brand is unique in that they only stock British-made products ranging from collapsible water bottles, artisan jewellery, illustrated goods, artwork, soaps, jams & biscuits to tea towels. Things British work with many small artisan brands, all the way up to bigger manufacturers such as Ulster Weavers and Corgi socks.

Things British provide the staff to manage the shops and tend to your customers so you are not expected to spend any time there - leaving you to run and grow your business. Our central server emails  daily stock and sales reports and our monthly sales remittance report details exactly what you have been paid for.
We take no commission on any of your sales letting you sell and be paid at retail price.

 Customers at TB shops get individual sales receipts printed in your own brand name - an effective way to personally say thanks and build your brand loyalty.


Rental prices range from £1.95 to £6.95 per day (including VAT) with renewable contracts running from 6 to 52 weeks at a time – and it’s all done online – like booking a hotel. Things British are offering an exclusive 25% off your first rental for all Made in Britain members. 

To find out more contact Lennie Kwan here.

You can visit the Thing British website here.

By Made in Britain 4 years ago | Special offers from members

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