Mirius are delighted to announce that Omnicide™, Omnicide™ FG and Omnicide™ FG II are now authorised to bear the NSF registration mark

As a leader in safety standards and product quality, NSF offers independent, science-based third-party registrations and approvals that underline the recipient company’s adherence to a benchmarked set of quality guidelines. To receive a registration, this particular suite of products, all of which are based on the original formulation of Omnicide™ passed a stringent evaluation process. This covered evaluating the products formulations and labelling. To view the listing you can search NSF registered companies and products database, by visiting www.nsfwhitebook.org.

Omnicide™ is the original broad spectrum health disinfectant. Used around the world for over 30- years, it is proven effective against Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and mould and can be used for a wide range of applications from the disinfection of animal houses to equipment. Omnicide™ FG and Omnicide™ FG II are more recent additions to the product portfolio at Mirius.  Specifically formulated to be used within the food industry, the unperfumed, uncoloured, non-tainting formulations include all the disinfecting and cleaning performance of Omnicide™ making them the perfect products to address food related hygiene issues. These include but are not limited to Food Processing, Preparation, Storage and Packing areas. Other applications include, the sanitising of vehicles, as well as associated equipment, utensils and instruments.

Omnicide™, Omnicide™ FG and Omnicide™ FG II are all part of the complete range of biosecurity products Mirius supply into the healthcare sector.

For more information, assistance or advice please contact: healthcare@mirius.com or call +44 (0)2476 639 739

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